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Julian Plovnick

Recipe Developer. Culinary Consultant. Personal Chef. Cat Dad.

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Recipe Development

Expertly tailored recipes to fit the needs of your brand, customers, or clientele.


Culinary Consulting

Innovative, data-driven solutions to any and all culinary projects.


Personal Cheffin'

Customized, expertly crafted menus in the comfort of your own home.


Content Creation

Photos? Sure. Video? Why not. Blog posts? Easily.

Ok... but who is he?


The first thing I ever cooked was a frozen filet of Salmon Florentine from Trader Joe’s when I was 8.
My parents gave it a “B+”.
I think “soup people” are good people.
I believe one of the simplest pleasures in life is a fresh piece of bread with a slathering of salted butter.
I have a Master's Degree in Gastronomy. Yes, Gastronomy.
I’ve worked at some really cool places, ranging from restaurants to meal delivery services to a cheese magazine.
I learned how to properly peel a carrot from Jacques Pepin.
I was born in Boston, raised in Boston, and culinarily trained in Boston (but Brooklyn currently has my heart).
Eating a really good slice of chocolate cake often makes me giggle.
In culinary school, I discovered a deep, deep love for verjus, along with pomegranate molasses and pimento cheese.
I used to collect takeout menus as a kid and would read them to myself before bed.
I hate cilantro but know how to use it.
I truly and whole-heartedly believe in the extraterrestrial power of garlic.
I truly and whole-heartedly carry a fork with me at all times.
I truly and whole-heartedly love cooking good food for good times with good people.


Brooklyn, NY

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